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My name is Jordan Thayer. I'm an employee of SIFT where I develop software for verifying reliable systems, among other things. Previously, I was a graduate student at the University of New Hampshire in the Computer Science program. I was a member of the UNH Artificial Intelligence Group. I completed my PhD under Prof. Wheeler Ruml in the area of heuristic search. Before joining UNH in 2006, I attended Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. While there, I was a DJ at WMHD, a member and president of Theta Xi, Kappa Chapter, and a developer at Rose-Hulman Ventures.


Recent Updates

I graduated in May of 2012. My thesis is available here.

The university newspaper has an article that talks about our research group.

Research Interests

Many of my papers are available on-line, along with the presentations for them.

I'm very interested in understanding heuristic search algorithms, particularly those which return solutions within a bounded factor of optimal. Recently, I've been doing work with anytime algorithms and greedy search, two areas that are strongly related to the first.

If you're looking for a crash course in my research area, you should take a look at some videos I've posted explaining some of the fundamental algorithms in the area.

If you don't like moving pictures, I've got some still images that demonstrate some interesting behaviors of search algorithms here.


If you're looking for an informal way to learn about AI, feel free to drop in at the UNH AI Group meetings.

I've been working on a plotting tool for use inside and outside of OCaml called SPT. It's what I use to generate all of the plots in my papers now.

Contact Information

Email is likely the fastest, most reliable way of getting ahold of me. If you need more immediate access, try looking for me on skype as jordan.thayer.