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Author: Seabass

Jordan completed his PhD in Artificial Intelligence at the University of New Hampshire in 2012. Since then, he's used AI to solve problems in many domains including security, medicine, & logistics.

IndyPy IoT and ML Mixer

Next week the IndyPy meetup is covering two exciting topics: Machine Learning (ML) and the Internet of Things (IoT). The ML talk will be a brief tutorial on how to identify the genre of a Netflix show using its textual description. The IoT talk will discuss the advantages of Amazon’s Greengrass for performing data gathering and management tasks with large fleets of IoT devices The venue is The District Tap at 3720 E 82nd Street. From the SEP office, it’s a short (~10 minute) ride down keystone past 465 and on towards the shopping centers there. If you’re only interested in the Internet of Things talk, there will be an opportunity to hear that at the Fisher’s IoT lab on 2/20. I’ll post a reminder for it closer to the day of.